Salty, dairy, sour, sweet. What do your dietary whims say about your health?

The reason for a sudden desire for chocolate, salted nuts, ice cream with whipped cream or bloody steak is not always covetousness or hunger: sometimes it is in this way that the body signals a shortage of important nutrients or informs us that something is wrong with us. What can be the desire for something sour, salty or sweet?

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  • Ochota for dairy products
  • Ochota for sweets
  • Ochota for fatty foods
  • Ochota for sour taste
  • Ochota for salty snacks
  • Ochota for meat
  • Ochota for strongly spiced dishes
  • Ochota for “strange” flavors

This feeling, when suddenly we have an uncontrollable desire to eat something specific immediately – but only that, because nothing else will satisfy this hunger – probably everyone knows. Such cravings have the peculiarity that they usually appear unexpectedly and, as a rage, it is often difficult for them to cope with – because we do not have what we want to eat at home. Half a poverty, if the stores are open – then you can simply buy something.

But it is worth to know that such desires are not always jedzeniowymi is greed: it is often this body is asking for the missing him – and necessary for correct operation – ingredients. So let’s look at such cravings, especially if they are repeated relatively often.

Ochota for dairy products

The willingness to eat cottage cheese, a sandwich with cheese, drink a glass of milk may indicate that because of the stress that accompanies you on a daily basis, your body requires tryptophan, an amino acid involved in the production of serotonin – a hormone contained in dairy products happiness. These cravings may also signal a deficiency of calcium, and vitamins A and itaminy D.

Ochota for sweets

The desire to eat something sweet may appear in various situations: both when we need an additional injection of energy (the sugars contained in sweets are digested the fastest and give it to us immediately immediately after consumption) or when we are sleepy – a dose of glucose helps to alleviate the resulting tension because it increases endorphin production, which improves your mood.

If you have a violent desire to eat chocolate, you probably have a magnesium deficiency ( cocoa in chocolate is a rich source of it) or potassium.

Volubility for sweets may also indicate diseases, of which the most common is yeast infection (Candida albicans causing it requires a daily dose of simple sugars) or insulin resistance, which – if left untreated – can lead to diabetes.

Ochota for fatty foods

An obtrusive vision of a portion of meat with a fatty sauce or a cake with a large portion of whipped cream may indicate that the body needs a solid dose of energy – it gets too little on a daily basis, e.g. due to a drastic diet or irregular meals.

The desire to eat “something greasy,” the body can also give us know that he lacks fats necessary for this to assimilate vitamins fat-soluble (A, D, E and K).

Ochota for sour taste

Do you dream about sauerkraut, are you hard to control the thought of oranges or pickled cucumbers ? This is not just a problem for pregnant women: people who lack vitamin C have such cravings. It is abundant in acid products.

It is worth succumbing to such craving, because vitamin C affects the work of the immune system, specifically – the functioning of immune cells type T and B, fighting pathogenic bacteria. In pickled products, e.g. sauerkraut, there are also useful probiotic bacteria that favorably affect the intestinal bacterial flora and support their immune functions.

Ochota for salty snacks

In the store, you reflexively throw chips into the basket, drool at the sight of salty sticks, stubbornly add all the dishes? The reason may be a shortage of some minerals, including calcium: people whose menu is too low, e.g. due to the use of a low-calcium diet, have a desire for salty foods more often than others – sodium intake, present in salt, periodically raises blood levels calcium.

Some researchers also suggest that the desire for salty snacks is characteristic of potassium and iron deficiency. Interestingly, it can also be a sign of dehydration. But also signal the disease – a constant desire for salty snacks can be one of the symptoms of autoimmune Addison’s disease, i.e. primary hypoadrenocorticism (if it is accompanied by a feeling of fatigue and muscle weakness, you must visit an endocrinologist as soon as possible).

Ochota for meat

Appetite for them can not be caused by a deficiency of B vitamins ( vitamin B12 can only be found in products of animal origin), as well as protein or iron.

If you still feel the desire for meat or even his compulsion to eat, and this feeling is accompanied by fatigue, problems with concentration, reduced physical fitness, you should do the research: you may have anemia, which is caused by malabsorption of iron.

In this situation, increasing the portion of meat in the diet will not help, usually it is necessary to supplement and increase in the menu of foods rich in vitamin C, which facilitate the absorption of iron.

Ochota for strongly spiced dishes

If the mildly spiced dishes have no taste and you are happy to season them with expressive spices – curry, chili, tabasco sauce – you may have a zinc deficiency and characteristic taste and smell disturbances.

A penchant for spicy foods can also signal problems with low blood pressure (spicy spices can slightly raise them and accelerate the heart rate), as well as problems with metabolism (spicy spices support metabolism, as they accelerate digestion).

Ochota for “strange” flavors

Do you want to eat something that is completely unsuitable for food – e.g. plaster from the walls, bark of trees, chalk, paper? If you are not pregnant, you may have a deficiency of minerals – e.g. calcium, iron or zinc – which the body lets you know in such an unusual way. It is worth asking your doctor for referrals for tests.

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