Om Yoga Meditation: Why Yoga?

The next is an excerpt from the ebook “Om Yoga: Its Concept and


Om is the Supreme Brahman. (Svetasvatara Upanishad 1:7)

He who utters Om with the intention ‘I shall attain Brahman’ does verily attain

(Taittiriya Upanishad 1.8.1)

The Self is of the character of the Syllable Om. (Mandukya Upanishad 1.8.12)

Meditate on Om because the Self. (Mundaka Upanishad 2.2.3)


Yoga is all about freedom. Solely a fraction of the earth’s inhabitants is formally

imprisoned, however your complete human race is imprisoned within the earth itself. None are

free from the inevitability of illness, age, and demise, nevertheless freed from them they

could also be in the intervening time. The human situation is topic to innumerable limitations.

Who actually controls his life absolutely, attains all his objectives, and is aware of no setbacks of any

form? Nobody. Om Yoga is the way in which to freedom from struggling and limitation.

Relating to Om, the Yoga Sutras (1) merely say: “Its repetition and meditation is

the way in which(Yoga Sutras 1:28). Even a superficial perusal of the Upanishads

reveals that the meditation apply recognized and really useful by the Vedic Rishis

(2), and later Patanjali and Krishna, (3)A Divine Incarnation (avatar) born in India

about three thousand years in the past, Whose teachings to His disciple Arjuna on the eve

of the Nice India (Mahabharata) Struggle comprise the Bhagavad Gita.) was based mostly on

Om, the sacred syllable that each symbolizes and embodies Brahman, the Absolute


It’s my hope that you’ll check for your self the religious alchemy of Om Yoga that’s

set forth right here. In case your apply is strictly as outlined and of adequate length, your

expertise would be the proof of its validity and its efficacy.

“That is the bridge to immortality. Could you achieve success in crossing over to the

farther shore of darkness.” (Mundaka Upanishad 2.2.6)

Why Yoga?

For the reason that spirit is at all times free, and nothing can change it-nor does it ever want any

changing-the query naturally arises: “Why trouble with yoga in any respect? If our actual self

is ever excellent and free, what must be accomplished? What can be accomplished?”

It’s true; the spirit is ever-free, however it has forgotten that and identifies with

its expertise of bondage and consequently (seemingly) suffers. Our state of affairs is like

somebody who’s asleep and dreaming that he’s being tortured and crushed. In actuality

he isn’t being touched in any respect; but he’s experiencing ache and concern. He needn’t

placate, overpower, or escape his torturers. He wants no extra dream exercise! He

wants solely to get up. Yoga is the process of self-awakening.

In his commentary on the Yoga Sutras Shankara (The good reformer and re-

establisher of Vedic Faith in India round 300 B.C.) has an “opponent” say: “How

can there be a way to acquire liberation? Liberation will not be a factor which could be

obtained, for it’s merely cessation of bondage.” And Shankara replies: “You’re

incorrect. For ignorance [bondage] to stop, one thing must be accomplished, with effort, as

within the breaking of a fetter. Although liberation will not be a ‘factor,’ inasmuch as it’s

cessation of ignorance within the presence of proper information it’s figuratively spoken of

as one thing to be obtained.” And he concludes: “The aim of Yoga is the

information of Actuality.”

What’s Yoga?

“Yoga” is a Sanskrit phrase which means “to hitch.” Yoga, then, is union and the way in which to

union. What can we be part of by yoga?

First, we be part of our consciousness to our personal important being: spirit that’s consciousness.

In yoga philosophy this is named the atman or self. Subsequent we be part of our finite

consciousness to the Infinite Consciousness: God, the Supreme Self (Paramatman).

In essence they’re eternally one, and in response to yogic philosophy all

spirits initially dwelt in consciousness of that oneness. However within the descent into the

materials world for the aim of evolving and lengthening its scope of

consciousness, the person spirit has misplaced its consciousness of that everlasting union, and

subsequently los the capability to stay in and manifest the union on a sensible degree.

By way of yoga the misplaced consciousness could be regained and actualized within the

particular person’s sensible life sphere. So profound and so vital is yoga to the

evolving consciousness, there is no such thing as a extra essential topic on this planet.

Relating to this, a yogi-adept of the 20 th century, Dr. I. Okay. Taimni, remarked in

his ebook The Science of Yoga: “In response to the yogic philosophy it’s

potential to rise utterly above the illusions and miseries of life and to realize

infinite information, bliss, and energy by enlightenment right here and now

whereas we’re nonetheless residing within the bodily physique. And if we don’t attain this

enlightenment whereas we’re nonetheless alive we should come again many times

into this world till we’ve got completed this appointed process. So it’s not a

query of selecting the trail of yoga or rejecting it. It’s a query of selecting it

now or in some future life. It’s a query of gaining enlightenment as quickly as

potential and avoiding the struggling sooner or later or suspending the trouble and going

by additional struggling which is pointless and avoidable. That is the that means

of Yoga Sutra 2:16: ‘The distress which isn’t but come can and is to be averted.’ No

obscure promise of an unsure postmortem happiness this, however a particular scientific

assertion of a reality verified by the expertise of innumerable yogis, saints, and sages

who’ve trodden the trail of yoga all through the ages.”

Yoga philosophy

Yoga should be approached initially as a philosophy-but a philosophy which by its

very nature stimulates its investigators to interact in sensible purposes by

which they may experience-and demonstrate-its fact and value. That which begins

as principle develops into apply which culminates in realization. Yoga is thus a

philosophy, a self-discipline, and an expertise. It’s a revelation of consciousness. And

since rational thought at all times precedes rational motion, we must always start with the

philosophical aspect of Yoga.

Then and now

Within the second chapter of the Bhagavad Gita Krishna tells Arjuna: “There was by no means a

time when I didn’t exist, nor you, nor any of those kings. Neither is there any future in

which we will stop to be.”(Bhagavad Gita 2:12) That’s, we’re everlasting beings,

with out starting and with out finish. Initially we had been factors of aware mild in

the infinite Ocean of Acutely aware Mild that’s God. We had been gods inside God. And so

we nonetheless are, for it’s not potential to be exterior of Infinity Itself. But we’re additionally right here

on this ever-changing world-a place that utterly overwhelms the reality of our

immortal life inside God. For numerous life-cycles we’ve got discovered ourselves

embodied in materials circumstances, little body-prisons inside the larger jail of the

cosmos. And that’s the place we’re proper now.

There’s a regulation that governs the place and sort of our embodiment. That regulation is

karma, the precept of tangible and inevitable response to our personal actions and psychological

states, leading to a seemingly countless domino impact of continuous delivery and demise.

Yoga presents us the potential for ending this chain of embodiments by awakening

and transformation from time and mortality into eternity and immortality.

God and gods

We’re gods inside God, finite spirits inside the Infinite Spirit. However what’s “spirit”?

Yoga tells us that spirit is consciousness, therefore we’re everlasting

consciousnesses, every of us particular person and distinct. (“Neither is there any

future wherein we will stop to be….”) But we’re extra. For we would not have an

existence unbiased of each other or unbiased of God. Relatively, we take our

being from God because the waves take their existence from the ocean, sharing it with all

the opposite waves.

God is the everlasting Root or Floor of our being, our larger Self. We aren’t God,

however in some ineffable method God is us-the Self of our self, the Spirit of our spirit.

God is all, and we’re the parts-each of us possessing an everlasting and irrevocable

distinction. That’s the reason, as already quoted, Krishna advised Arjuna: “There was by no means a

time when I didn’t exist, nor you, nor any of these kings.

Neither is there any future wherein we shall stop to be.” It’s incalculably

essential to understand this earlier than we will have any viable understanding of or

method to ourselves, to our lives, to others, and even to God. The excellence

between God, us, and each other is actual and everlasting; but so is our unity.

In God there’s unity; in us there’s range. These two seemingly contradictory

states coexist in perfection. Due to this we’ve got the time period advaita which

doesn’t imply “one,” however merely “not two.” Actuality is neither One nor Two. It’s a

unity that possesses range. It’s a thriller, however it may be realized by direct

expertise, and yoga is the means to that have.

God and creation

God, the infinite Spirit, is pure consciousness, but-as we’re experiencing even

now-He has prolonged or emanated Himself because the cosmos: bodily, astral, and

causal. This seemingly twin nature of God as Mild and Energy, as Consciousness and

Matter, has puzzled the minds of even the smart.

God, the Authentic Being, initiatives Himself because the ever-changing dance of creation, as

the evolving mild that’s the cosmos. God initiatives the creation, evolves it, and

withdraws it again into Himself in a perpetual cycle. Thus the creation could be

considered God’s body-that God turns into incarnate in creation many times.

And as elements or reflections of God we do precisely the identical by reincarnation.

And us…

All aware beings have existed eternally inside the Being of God-living inside the

coronary heart of God, one with Him, distinct although not separate. Having their being rooted

within the infinity of God, the person consciousnesses have inside them a pure

impulse to transcend their finitude and attain the boundlessness of their Origin.

This, in fact, is not possible, because the important, everlasting nature of a being can not

be altered. Being rooted in God, and subsequently in a way part of God, all beings

are as immutable as God-the solely infinite Being. But the urge for transcendence is

a part of their nature.

The answer to this dilemma is definitely fairly easy: the person consciousnesses

can not alter their pure state of finitude however they’ll come to share and

take part within the infinite Consciousness of God. As Sri Ma Anandamayi

mentioned: “The soul can turn out to be godlike, however it can not turn out to be God.” That’s, they can not

turn out to be infinite themselves, however they’ll expertise the infinity of one other: their

divine Supply. Simply as a psychically delicate individual can expertise the ideas

and emotions of one other however doesn’t turn out to be that different individual, so the person

consciousness can come to expertise the Consciousness of God whereas remaining in

its restricted native state.

It’s vital, then, for the person spirit to develop the capability for such a state

of consciousness. And that is accomplished by studying to totally expertise the state of existence

of a being utterly totally different from oneself-to enter into an altogether alien mode

of being whereas retaining the attention of 1’s true identification. In different phrases, the

particular person spirit should study to placed on the “costume” of a consciousness completely

totally different from its personal and turn out to be ready not simply to totally expertise that

different mode of consciousness, but additionally to develop the power to operate as

that different sort of being.

Evolutionary creation

To allow the spirits to enter into this course of, God breathes forth or emanates His

personal Self because the Energy from which is manifested all of the realms of relative existence,

from probably the most refined worlds of nearly-perfected beings to probably the most goal

worlds of atomic matter. The spirits then enter into relative existence by taking up

coverings, or “our bodies,” (There are 5 such concentric sheaths or our bodies: the

sheaths of bliss, mind, thoughts, life-force and the bodily body-the anandamaya,

jnanamaya, manomaya, pranamaya and annamaya our bodies (koshas) respectively.) of

various grades and patterns of vibratory energies and descending into this materials

world. Right here they start working their method again up the ladder of ever-evolving kinds,

starting with kinds whose scope of consciousness is lesser than theirs and

working their method upward, coming into into larger and better ranges of consciousness till

they’ll surpass their authentic breadth of consciousness and start to partake of a

lifetime of consciousness a lot past their very own.

Moreover, within the intervals between embodiments the spirit spends time within the

astral areas the place awakening and development additionally happen. (That is finest defined

within the forty-third chapter of Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramhansa

Yogananda.) Upward and upward they evolve till their capability for consciousness is

developed to such an ideal state that they’ll truly expertise the Being of God

in full participation in God’s all-embracing Consciousness, thenceforth to stay in His


The grasp yogi, Dr. I. Okay. Taimni, in The Final Actuality and Realization,

says this: “It is just when the belief of being a pure spirit or atma has been

attained that it’s potential to attain the ultimate purpose of union of the atma with the

Paramatma, the Supreme Spirit which exists eternally past the manifested

universe and from which the manifested universe is derived. When this ultimate

realization has been attained and union of atma with Paramatma has been introduced

about there’s not solely a whole sharing of consciousness between the 2 however

additionally of the infinite Energy which is inherent within the Common Consciousness….It’s

vital to tell apart between the powers that are acquired on the belief

that he’s a pure spirit or atma and people that are attained when he is ready to

destroy the final vestige of egoism and his consciousness turns into united with that

of Paramatma. The previous, although super in some respects, are nonetheless restricted,

whereas the latter that are actually the Powers of the Supreme Spirit are infinite and might

manifest by the middle of consciousness of a self-realized particular person as a result of

there’s fusion of the person consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness and

the channel between the 2 is open.”

We don’t turn out to be God the Absolute, however we enter into that Absolute Life and are

one with it. As Shankara explains in his Yoga Sutra commentary: “When the sunshine of

a number of lamps seems concurrently, it can’t be made out which is the sunshine of

which.” Consequently we expertise the infinite Being of God-infinite

Consciousness-as our personal being. Krishna has described it thusly: “When you’ve

reached enlightenment, ignorance will delude you not. Within the mild of that

information you will note your complete creation inside your personal atman and in

me.” (Bhagavad Gita 4:35) Buddha referred to as this “seeing with the Divine Eye.” After we

are unshakably established in that Consciousness the purpose has been attained.

As Shakespeare wrote, “all of the world’s a stage” with the person spirits sporting

their costumes and enjoying their elements. Simply as actors start with small elements and

progress to larger roles by demonstrating their talent in these smaller elements, so additionally

do the spirits advance to larger and extra advanced types of existence and

consciousness, ultimately returning dwelling to God. The Sufi poet, Rumi, wrote:

A stone I died and rose once more a plant.

A plant I died and rose an animal;

I died an animal and was born a person.

Why ought to I concern? What have I misplaced by demise?

As man, demise sweeps me from this world of males

That I could put on an angel’s wings in heaven;

But e’en as angel could I not abide,

For nought abideth save the face of God.

Thus o’er the angels’ world I wing my method

Onwards and upwards, unto boundless lights;

Then let me be as nought, for in my coronary heart

Rings as a harp-song that we should return to Him.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, one among many nice People whose perception in reincarnation

is missed, wrote in his poem, The Chambered Nautilus:

Construct thee extra stately mansions, O my soul!

Because the swift seasons roll!

Depart thy low-vaulted previous!

Let every new temple, nobler than the final,

Shut thee from heaven with a dome extra huge,

Until thou at size artwork free,

Leaving thine outgrown shell by life’s unresting sea!

That’s the objective of this creation and our place in it by a seemingly countless

chain of births on this and the upper worlds: to evolve past all worlds by

increasing our consciousness by type after type, finally reuniting

ourselves consciously with God, leaving many “outgrown shells by life’s unresting

sea.” For lengthy ages past calculation this development has occurred mechanically,

spontaneously, with no thought or intention on our half. However the time is available in our

evolutionary situation when comprehension dawns and we perceive that we should

take our personal evolution in hand from that point forth. That is vital for the

growth of our larger potential. As God controls and directs the macrocosm,

we should now start doing the identical with the microcosm that’s “us.” And yoga is the

technique of our self-evolution that results in our self-mastery and ideal union with

the Supreme Self: God. Yoga is each the information of cosmic and human make-up

and the important thing to unlock them and ascend to freedom in spirit. Yoga is the means by

which we reply for ourselves the prayer:

Lead me from the unreal to the Actual.

Lead me from darkness to the Mild.

Lead me from demise to Immortality.



(1) The oldest recognized writing with regards to yoga, written by the sage Patanjali, a

yogi of historic India, and regarded probably the most authoritative textual content on yoga.

(2) Seers of the Fact, to whom the Vedas, the oldest scriptures of India, thought of

the oldest scriptures of the world, had been revealed in meditation.

(3) A Divine Incarnation (avatar) born in India about three thousand years in the past,

Whose teachings to His disciple Arjuna on the eve of the Nice India (Mahabharata)

Struggle comprise the Bhagavad Gita.

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