Introduction and Scope Definition

The topic of immigration, and immigration reform is a highly complex one in our nation. It is systemic in scope, and cannot be addressed simply by advocating:

  • "controlling our national borders" or

  • "fining those employing illegals" or

  • "if they are here illegally, send 'em back or jail them."

The scope of the topic includes:

  • "The Border" - a broader concept than the geological boundary of a nation, and includes all points of entry or contact.

  • "Identification" - In order to accurately identify a national alien, one must also be able to accurately identify a national citizen

  • "Access" - Every nation prospers when a certain degree of guest visitation is allowed. Every nation has a right to determine its own level of guest access, and to determine how long guests may stay, where they may travel, and what they may be permitted to do.

  • "Enforcement" - Immigration and guest visitation rules must be enforced, or removed from the books. Allowing violations undermines the legitimacy of The Law, and creates environments for corruption, abuse and exploitation.

  • "Privilege" - Limitations regarding the privileges and benefits that are extended to the citizens of a country, state, community, or neighborhood, and those that are extended to travelers to and guests within them should be appropriate and defined.
There is also "history", and an appreciation of how we got here. How did we get here? Click here for a brief, spin on that question.