Considering the Big Picture

  • In the United States, No One is denied health care!
  • The U.S. has the best health care in the world!
  • The problem is not the QUALITY of health care it is the COST!
  • By increasing the cost of providing health care to employers, they will be forced to cut costs, and jobs, in order to stay in business. That is why over a thousand waivers have been granted to large and medium-sized companies to date. The video at right explains the dilemma.



The choice that American citizens now face is:

  • Do the American people want to turn over management of their health care to the Federal or State Governments and pay for health care through higher taxes, with all the loss of freedoms that entails?
  • Are the American people willing to embrace the personal responsibility for managing their own health care and paying for their own health insurance, with all the freedoms that entails?