About Us

We meet monthly. It's a great opportunity to explore the facts and truths around a variety of topics with fellow patriots dedicated to a self reliant American way of life.

If you would like to become involved check out the issues we have prioritized for action within our teams.

However did it happen that so many conservative people across the nation from all walks of life, who are generally content to tolerate varied opinions amiably, unless the opinions of others infringe excessively, suddenly become activists?

The Birth of a Movement, published in the Wall Street Journal, offers a partial explanation.

While we are not a 9/12 organization, the 9 Principles and 12 Values of the 9/12 project do resonate for most of us.


The East Bay Tea Party is a grass roots organiztion dedicated to helping citizens get involved with local and state elections, bringing about smaller government, and embracing fiscal and individual responsibility.


The East Bay Tea Party believes in less government and more individual responsibilities, which in turn, leads us to individual freedom.


Our goals are to inform the public on the issues of the day in a truthful and direct manner which will help them-

  1. protect individuals from crime.
  2. protect individuals from foreign invaders.
  3. protect the Court System and encourage them to settle disagreements rationally.